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View from The River Nest Bed & Breakfast living room window


Reads Landing got its name from Charles Read, an English soldier. In 1847 the community was a thriving trading post with 27 hotels, numerous saloons, stores, warehouses and churches. The village is located where the Chippewa and Mississippi Rivers join. It was a natural center for commerce and transportation. Fur-laden canoes and countless logs were floated down the rivers to this thriving village. The invention of the railroad changed the landscape of this river community forever.

Bald Eagles on a tree Reads Landing MN

Reads Landing is also a favorite spot for Bald Eagle watching, especially during the fall and winter. The mouth of the Chippewa River offers the only open water in this area, providing easy access to fishing and other food resources. These magnificent birds of prey will perch like sentries along the edge of the ice, waiting for the catch of the day. There are over one dozen pairs of Bald Eagles that nest in this area, arriving in early November and staying through March. However, a few eagles stay all year.

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